Our Mission

To provide high-quality legal representation, support and hope to people experiencing immigration injustice.

Our Vision

Equality, compassion and justice for all people facing the challenges of immigration.

Our Values

  • We Speak Up. We know what’s right and what’s fair. We are not silent when we see injustice.
  • We Fight For Justice. We use all the knowledge, expertise, and skill we possess in order to succeed.
  • We See The Whole Person. We recognise the talents, humanity and potential of those who turn to us for help.
  • We Act With Empathy. We treat people how we’d want to be treated; with kindness, dignity, and respect.
  • We are Tenacious. We take on difficult cases. And we don’t give up easily.
  • We Fight For Change. We campaign with others for improvements in immigration law and policy.

Our Activities

  • We provide legal immigration advice and representation to people in North West England.
  • We provide additional support services to people at risk of homelessness and destitution, and to unaccompanied children and young people.
  • We work in collaboration with others to influence local and national policies on immigration.
  • We provide training to increase understanding of the immigration system and its impact on people in the North West and nationally.

Our Impact

In the calendar year 2023:

  • We took on 732 new immigration and asylum cases, and 524 people we represented were granted Leave to Remain in the same period
  • We helped 210 unaccompanied children to get Leave to Remain
  • We supported 695 people with one-to-one immigration advice at our homelessness and destitution projects.
  • We helped 136 people gain access to secure accommodation and a further 175 destitute people gain financial assistance.
  • We helped 39 refugees bring close family members to the UK under the family reunion rules
  • We welcomed 176 young people and children to our monthly youth group.
  • We supported 293 people at risk of harm from domestic abuse. Our advice meant 72 people were able to secure access to emergency accommodation and finances to allow them to escape violent, exploitative or dangerous situations.
  • In addition to our casework, we have developed and supported volunteers and students on placement, produced research and briefing papers, and campaigned against injustice.