About Children from Calais

Since 2016 GMIAU has represented a significant number of children who passed through the camp in Calais on their way to the UK. The children we represent arrived in the North West because they either entered the UK through an EU Regulation called Dublin III (which allows children with certain categories of family member in the UK to be reunited); under Section 67 of the Immigration Act 2016, also known as the Dubs Amendment (which allows categories of particularly vulnerable unaccompanied children to be transferred to the UK); or on their own, for example by hiding in a lorry through the Eurotunnel.

As a result of our work we believe

  • The UK must protect children from trafficking and exploitation by establishing safe and accessible legal routes to the UK for children claiming asylum
  • Every child claiming asylum in the UK should have access to an immigration lawyer throughout their asylum claim
  • Children seeking asylum in the UK should have financial support and social work assistance regardless of how they entered the UK.

Let the children in!

The announcement by government that they are to stop the scheme to bring vulnerable lone refugee children to the UK under the Dubs amendment to the Immigration Act 2016 has shocked and outraged many of us. The government seeks to blame local authorities. However, many believe that the government failed…