We’ve advocated for the rights of over 1,000 people in 2018, ensuring access to safety and the chance to begin to build a new life in the North West. As we look towards the coming year, we know that there are so many more battles ahead.

We are proud to stand alongside people in their fight for justice, and we are determined to ensure people are treated with respect and care throughout some of the hardest times.

In 2019 we’ll carry on working to reunite families, to ensure safety and protection, and access to justice. Over two hundred women with insecure immigration status contacted us last year wanting to escape situations of exploitation and abuse. We know there are many more women in Greater Manchester living under threat of fear and violence who need advocacy, support and emergency accommodation in their fight for safety.

But we would be stronger with your help. Your donations will allow us to support more families divided by borders, provide advocacy to women fleeing violence in Manchester, and legal advice to people who need it most.

Please support us and be part of our fight for people’s futures in 2019.

To read more and to donate, please visit our Just Giving page by clicking here.