The NHS is vaccinating millions of people against Covid-19. But people with insecure immigration status, or no status at all, may incorrectly think that they can’t go to a doctor.  

You are entitled to register with a GP and receive the vaccine, regardless of your immigration status.

You do not need proof of address or ID, proof of immigration status, or an NHS number.

The GP surgery will not share any of your information with immigration enforcement.

To register:

✔ Find a GP and more information at

✔ Telephone your local GP surgery and ask to register as a patient

Some GP staff may not be aware that this is the case. The NHS has produced materials which support the message that everyone is entitled to register with a GP. To download their digital “access cards” explaining this you need to log in to the FutureNHS platform.

If you have been refused registration you can call 0300 311 2233, the NHS Improvement Customer Contact Centre number.

Doctors of the World have produced health information translated into over 60 languages. It includes key information on Covid-19, tips for mental health and wellbeing, migrants’ rights to healthcare, and keeping young people healthy. You can find it here. Their Covid-19 vaccine information, in 20 languages with more to come, can be found here.

There is a lot of misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Housing associations at BMELondon have produced this leaflet encouraging Black and Minority Ethnic people to have a vaccine if they’re offered it. It combats the misinformation about the vaccines, including claims that the vaccines are not halal or kosher, that they can give you Covid-19, that they have been developed too quickly, and other reasons people might have to be cautious.

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