Hostile EnvironmentNews

Today, leaders from Greater Manchester Combined Authority have issued an open statement expressing “profound concern” about the possibility of people seeking asylum being evicted from their accommodation.

You can read their full statement here. In it, they say “…the reality for many is homelessness and destitution. The timing of this through the winter months as we navigate cold weather and ongoing infection risks from Covid-19 is of grave concern.”

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit stands in full support of this statement. Here’s our response:

The statement today from Greater Manchester leaders is a powerful reminder of how change is possible, even in times of great uncertainty, when we decide to stand together. 

We’re delighted to see the leaders’ commitment to protect people facing asylum evictions. Forcing people into homelessness and destitution is never acceptable – cold winter weather and the ongoing risks of COVID-19 make this clearer than ever. We completely agree with the leaders’ call to end these evictions, and other hostile environment policies which bring misery to so many people living in Greater Manchester. 

2020 has shown us we are all only as safe as the most vulnerable members of our communities. At Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, we stand alongside those affected by asylum evictions and this statement shows leaders in our city-region do as well. We hope the Home Secretary is listening – Greater Manchester says #StopAsylumEvictions. 

Denise McDowell, Chief Executive, GMIAU.