To the Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick,

We are 5 unaccompanied young people from Sudan seeking asylum in Manchester. We want to tell you about how we’re feeling seeing what is happening in Sudan. 

We miss our families in Sudan and we’re very worried about them. We have no idea where they are. Internet networks are down. In the areas we come from, there is not even any water or electricity. So we have no contact with our families – mothers, fathers, siblings – and no way to know if they’re safe. On the news we see pictures of people screaming, burning. We see that some people have escaped Sudan. But we have no connection, no news. All of us are struggling to sleep at night. 

We never felt safe or confident in our home country, but now the fighting is worse than ever. So many people are dying for nothing. We really want the fighting to stop, and for our families to be together somewhere safe. It is the same situation as in Ukraine but it feels like there is no help for people in Sudan. We want to ask the UK government to be kind and help people.  

Sudanese young people supported by Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit