Year 9 students at the Co-op Academy Manchester have been exploring ideas of protest by writing about the refugee crisis in their English class. Inspired by Unicef’s story of Hiba, a Syrian refugee, they’ve written persuasive pieces arguing that the UK should welcome refugees. At GMIAU we loved reading these beautifully written, heartfelt pieces – so we’ve chosen three to share.

Running away from war? Trying to find a safe place? Constantly fearing for your life? It’s not really something you do, is it? Well these are just some of the things that happen to refugees on a daily basis. Imagine being turned away by someone just because you want to be safe. Just because you want a basic human right. Refugees are petrified as they are in a lot of danger, which they can’t escape due to the corrupt system.

Did you know around 2 million children have had to flee the place they grew up in because it’s unsafe. They (alongside their parents and siblings who they will later lose) have to board some of the cheapest and unstable boats and risk their life, just to be most probably be turned away because people refuse to help them. Did you know 1,885 people died in 2019, just because they wanted to be safe.

Just imagine if you was in their position. Just imagine that you couldn’t find a safe place to keep you and your family safe. It’s quite scary, isn’t it? Refugees are begging for their safety and a place to be accepted into, however they can’t have this, and this is the reason they need your help to keep them safe.

Do you want to be in their position? No? Do you want to live in fear every second? No? That’s what I thought, so why should they?

Elle Duffy

At the moment, I’ve heard a story from the refugee Hiba. A girl who had to leave her friends and family. A girl who spent 2 hours at sea as her boat deflated. Her along with 2 million perplexed people had to flee to another country. Safety is a basic human right – these people need a home.

There are dangers that come with being a refugee. These include boat crossing where some boats become overcrowded and sank. (In 2019, 1,885 people died when crossing the Mediterranean). Not knowing where you’re going is terrifying, being away from the people you love is terrifying, being a refugee is terrifying.

I believe that we should all have empathy for one another. Many people are suffering and are devastated. What do we do while they’re facing petrifying times? Should we just sit there lazily and do nothing?

People need to support refugees. These innocent people have done nothing to deserve it. It’s heartbreaking that many people don’t have the things we do. How could you not help?

Cassie Magwaza

At the moment innocent refugees are having to flee from their country. For example, a young girl called Hiba had to flee from Syria to Turkey, tragically her boat deflated and her and the rest of the people on the boat were stranded for two hours, until finally they found land. This is heartbreaking as many innocent lives have been lost; it is not the refugees fault. My purpose is to get support for refugees. I care because safety is a human right – everybody deserves it.

2 million children had to flee a war from Syria. In 2019, 1,885 people lost their lives while trying to cross the Mediterranean. Would you like to go through such a devastating time and then have nowhere to go?

We need to feel empathy, although some of us will never go thought such a disastrous event we need to help. Would you like to feel isolated? We need to speak for these refugees, give them basic human rights like food and shelter. Overall refugees have done nothing wrong they are going through unbelievable pain. We won’t even let them into our country. Is this fair? I and everyone should feel guilty! So I hope you understand why refugees should be allowed access into the country.

Morgan Ryan

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